Plan an Extraordinary Holiday - Part 2

Plan an Extraordinary Holiday - Part 2

​Holidays are not something fairly regular; one has to opt for a destination which will make up for the most cherished times to kick back and relax till the very next opportunity arrives, may it be next year or the very next season. How stale and dull the whole ordeal can be after visiting the same destinations again and again, providing sufficient friction to drop the idea of travelling altogether.

With the clock ticking continuously and no particular country in mind, it becomes really frustrating at times. Favourably though, there are many notable countries which still make for a great trip for the summers, or even winters, which may have slipped your priority list for vacationing.


I've met with the word 'reciprocity' in many a piece of literature, but could not assign any idea to it: not until I visited China. A nation intent on emerging in every field of advancement leaves no stone unturned in establishing a harmonious relation with its tourists, making this an ideal time for visitors to start propelling towards the Orient. With the Pangu 7 star hotel, a marvel of architecture and design, on its way to perfection, a boom in Beijing's commercial progression is a natural expectation.


​Intel has it that Brazil is also up on the gradient as far as the spike in tourism is concerned. From suppressing and eventually overcoming cartel wars to general corruption, the country is back on track these days. Amid some of the most principal and unique cities in the world like Sao Paulo and Brasilia lies the contentment of a mercuric traveller.


Perhaps more kinetic now than ever, this Lilliputian island has a big heart for foreigners and is not shy to tell about it. With an exhaustive list of localities, ranging from national parks to elephant orphanages, Buddhist temples to archaeological sites, this 'tear drop' in the Indian Ocean is next in our compilation.


Safaris and Victoria falls are the most sought-after tourist spots in Zambia, but that's not all, cries a native. Every country has secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware of, and the fact that Zambia is undergoing a reawakening in its tourism sector is owing to the shift of emphasis on sites like the Lower Zambezi River, the Kasaba Bay and the local compounds, not to mention events like the Saturday Dutch bazaar. The lukewarm weather and flamboyant colours makes it a 'plug n play' venture. Ready, Set, Go!


And last but certainly not the least- Saint Lucia. Home to numerous topographic stick outs and beautifully contoured beaches, the place is a beau idéal in the Caribbean. 

Seduced by reports of the isle's euphoric splendours- reports precisely such as this one- focusing more on its abundant treasure of flora and fauna, beaches and resorts, tourists have long been zigzagging across the island either on horseback or a water cruise.

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