Your Old Rands May Be Worth A Bob Or Two

Your Old Rands May Be Worth A Bob Or Two

Despite the recent collapse of the Rand Exchange Rate, some Rands do buck the trend and increase considerably in value over time.

Do you still have old South African Notes lying around the house or buried in storage somewhere? Well it may be worth more than you think if it's in excellent condition and of a certain Governor as some are extremely rare and difficult to find.

A recent example is this R5 note pictured above that sold for R1000 according to Coinflip Coinage and Collectables in South Africa. This particular issue was in pristine condition which helped it bring in 200 times its original value.

Coinflip - South Africa

"Probably our rarest coin but not necessarily the most valuable is the 1892 ZAR5 Shilling coin"

Other rare finds on the site include a 1967 R1 coin that has a print error and is being sold for R2000

Speaking to Coinflip about their collectables, they believe one of the rarest coins in their collection is the 1892 ZAR 5 Shilling coin. The 5 Shilling was struck in both a single and double shaft in very low numbers (Single shaft mintage 14000, double shaft 4327). The coin is 26.155 gram of 0.925 pure Silver. Even in a very poor condition, this coin will fetch prices from R2,500 and its claimed that an excellent condition coin was sold for R1,3Million not too long ago.

Below are some images of the 5 Shilling Double Shaft Coin.

So put your biltong away for a moment and go dig up those old coins and notes you have lying around, you may be sitting on a gem.

Share your pictures of your old SA currency that you still have in your possession below.

1967 R1 Coin

This R1 will set you back R2,000.

​Rare 1892 ZAR 5 Shilling

Double Shaft - Very Rare and in good condition

Rare 1892 ZAR 5 Shilling 

Double Shaft Heads 

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